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The course that gets students talking - now available in American English.
American English File gets students talking thanks to its unique and proven formula.

Key Features:
◊ Authentic texts use humor to encourage speaking in class.
◊ Strong grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation syllabus with practice in all four skills.
◊ Illustrated lustrated Vocabulary Bank, Grammar Bank, and Sound Bank plus regular review pages.
◊ Multimedia components, including Multi-ROM, and Website, carefully integrated with the Student Book and Workbook, help students practice English outside the classroom.
◊ Teacher's Book packed with extra ideas and over 60 photocopiable activities per level.
◊ Test Generator CD-ROM with over 1,000 questions per level enables teachers to customize tests quickly and easily.

The institute has been established to be different!

Mobile Devices

Here you are going to learn real English as you may hear in daily conversations, and films. In order to achieve this aim we are equipped with film room, and audiotorial devices, moreover; instructors with American accent will help us. They are all well educated, experienced, and interested in teaching.

Our method is based on communicative approach which is the best known method of learning English as a foreign language. The material is American English File series for young adults and adults written by Clive Oxednden & Christina Latham-Koenig.  Read More